Graze Butchery stocks quality cuts of meat sourced from some of the best regions in Australia, including traditional, dry aged, organic and free range products. A number of meat & chicken products are also marinated on premise daily which will add a flavour burst to your midweek or weekend meals!

Dry Aging Process

Graze Butchery has one of the only dedicated dry aging beef cabinets in the Illawarra area.
Dry-ageing beef is the process of drying and dehydrating beef in a controlled environment, ensuring a concentration of flavour. A controlled environment means a constant temperature, 85% humidity, air flow and UV lighting all of which create the perfect conditions for a tender & tasty dry-aged beef cut.

In the first 14-20 days’ enzymes that naturally occur in the beef break down the protein and fat strands, making them smaller resulting in increasing tenderness. They also give off gas as a by-product improving the flavour. Once this is done; the beef sits and dehydrates creating a concentration of flavours and a great taste. It also makes the meat denser, giving it a wonderful richness and intensity of flavour. Typically meat is dried in cabinets between 28- 120 days.

Sample range of butcher products

Greenham Natural Beef
Free Range Cowra Lamb
Otway Pork Natural, Ethically & Sustainably produced pork
Watervale Beef
Thirlmere Poultry Free Range Supply
Assorted Marinated Chicken Skewers
Pork Medallions with spicy granny smith apple chutney
Sage, onion & fetta stuffed chicken with garlic butter & shallots

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